Powerglide Aero 2 PC Snooker Cue
£50.04 £43.38

Hardwood, black painted butt and Ash shaft with clear feathering. Rosewood, hardwood splice. Brass f..

Powerglide Catalyst 2 PC Snooker Cue
£61.63 £55.46

Rosewood butt and Ash shaft with clear feathering and matching grains at joint. Ash hand spliced. Br..

Powerglide Pool Ball Set Red/Yellow
£24.12 £22.19

Suitable for recreational and general use.1 7/8" Red & Yellow Pool Ball Set - Recommended for ta..

Precision Training GAA Target Shot
£150.18 £138.17

Excellent training tool for perfecting shooting skills, an essential for any striker.Easily assemble..

Urban Fitness Mini Massage Gun Black
£71.92 £66.16

Rub away your muscle sores and say goodbye to multiple back pains. Rapid strokes help reduce inflamm..

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